Week 4 Term 3 Nga Hau e Wha

Talofa lava, Kia ora and Greetings!

What a busy week  in Nga Hau e Wha (Room 5)

Most students have presented their speeches in front of the class. An incredible effort for many who have never given a persuasive speech to an audience. This week was also Maths Week; we were challenged daily with maths problems posted by Mr Williams, which had everyone thinking what strategies they would use to solve the equations. On Friday 18 August, we hosted our first Team Aroha Bake Sale. An amazing learning experience for our students Mali and Jarolani to work behind the scenes with other students in Team Aroha to organise this event. Many thanks to the students, staff and whanau who came out to support our EOTC fundraiser. Next week…we are making ecosystems to replicate environments for a living thing…insects and plants. Please bring school any yoghurt containers to help with making our terrariums.

Congratulations to Gwen, Peesi and Manase who won their semifinal netball game in the Year 7 Grade B. Their team Kelisoni came 5th overall.

We look forward to Formal Assembly. It will be interesting to see who will receive their next Taumata.

Fa’a fetai lava and Thank you!

Mrs M Fuiava Gates