Week 7


Week 7, WOW!!…. We are in testing week at Kelston. Students have been doing Gloss testing & other test to help the teacher understand where their learning needs are. It has been a very interesting time.

Here is a run down of what Tamatoa have been learning in class.

In maths we have been learning number strategies. These include the times tables & also math word problems that students have had to solve using as specific strategy. Students have used strategies such as subtracting from numbers to make 10’s and then either multiply or use addition. Another strategy is to half numbers and then to add these numbers to another number by using multiplication. We have been learning many strategies as such. We have also looked at place value & decimals.

In reading & writing we have been learning about (reciprocal reading) and our Genre for writing has been “recount” . We have also looked at writing a letter to the teacher telling the teacher “All about me”. The results have been fantastic. To view your child’s progress please go on to your child’s onenote page.

 On another note: home work has been set for your child on onenote, please check to see if your child is keeping up to date. 

Here are some pictures to leave you with. 

Team Aroha won the fitness trophy this week – Yes

“All about me” In one of our lessons we did a project where students had to find out what their name meant & then to describe themselves using 8 words.