Welcome to Term Four

This term has started with the realisation that we have some super skilled cooks in our school. To test the students i gave them a recipe in week one and stood back to see what food preparation skills they already had ……..and what a great bunch of cooks we have.

Of course we also have some ‘budding’ cooks that need some support but the passion and potential is here.


We have explored the concept of the ‘roux sauce’ and the wide range of recipes that have a roux in them.  The students then discussed and created a meal using the roux with thought given to ensuring it was low in fat and salt.  We also considered the addition of vegetables to ensure it was a balanced meal. Not all of our kids love vegetables but they appreciated the need for them in our diets and i will work on getting them to love them. 

Whanau, please encourage your tamariki to cook at home because they have such a passion for Food Technology and if they cook, that’s one less meal you have to prepare.  

Whaea Reitu Warren

Food Technology