Wiki Tuaono!

Nga mihi Whaea Reitu for sharing your knowledge of making Takakau paraoa with our AWESOME TEAM TAONGA!! It was tino reka!! This recipe will be used for our whanau who will be visiting us on Transition day- September 15th. We look forward to seeing our Year 6’s then.

KiwiCan this week we learnt all about Resilience and understanding Emotions. Our tamariki enjoy our Kiwican classes learning life lessons and skills with the amazing and talented Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria. Nga mihi korua




Our energiser in KiwiCan “Freeze frames”

Nga Kakano and Nga hau e wha shared our KiwiCan lesson together this week. This was heaps of fun and our tamariki enjoyed listening and learning other ideas and their whakaaro of other tamariki.

Our tamariki have been learning about Puberty and Health. We have been having many korero around maturity and tapu/noa. Our tamariki enjoy role plays of emotional changes in puberty and identifying the absolute need to respect our own and each others tinana through puberty. If you have any concerns around our health/puberty classes, please dont hesitate to come and have a korero whanau 🙂


Kaua e wareware te omaoma me te kohi moni-Dont forget our FunRun and sponsorship!. We have been been encouraging our tamariki to get at least 10 sponsors no matter what the amount. Kia kaha whanau- Tautoko our tamariki and their Oma Roa 🙂

September 8th we have a $5 mufti,sausage sizzle and ice-block to help fundraise our Bollywood culture group get new unifomrs for the upcoming Kelifest. Lets tautoko our Bollywood group whanau next Friday 🙂

Hakinakina kakahu- P.E uniform is to be brought to kura EVERYDAY! Our tamariki have morning fitness EVERYDAY AND P.E lessons thorughout the week so they must bring their correct P.E uniform and shoes. It is part of our Taumata and our value ‘Responsibility’.

8:40am kura starts with karakia and himene. Please encourage your tamaiti to be at kura by at least 8:30am. This allows them to prepare themselves for the day by setting up their pukapuka, stationary and get changed into their P.E uniform. If for any reason they cant make 8:40, please dont hesitate to text me 021-267-0745. Communication is always key.


Nga mihi whanau, Kia pai o koutou wiki

Whaea Terina: