Great skills Mrs Warren

Team Taonga teachers learnt the skill of screen printing with Whaea May and all managed to also create their own personal cultural design that can be developed into a screen in the future.  The ‘VAIONA’ family screen from Whaea May’s whanau was used to screen print ‘pareu or lavalava’ for the teachers.  Everyone worked together as a group and there was a lot of laughter and enjoyment!  This is how the women in the Cook Islands work together in the ‘Vaine-tini’, ladies groups to make things happen in the village, church and prepare for weddings and birthdays.

Learning from each other has been so valuable.

Tu meke Vaine-Tini Team Taonga!

Team Taonga is Team Awesome – Tumeke Vaini-Tini Taonga!

Whaea Terina and her creation!



Miss Tuilepa loving the colours of green and blue!

Working in a group makes it enjoyable and fun!

Learning as a family well done Mrs Teariki and her tamariki!

Miss Taylor you are so creative!