Wondering where your child’s homework is?

Are you wondering why your child isn’t bringing home any homework? 

I have spoken to most parents about their child homework tasks from week 8 onwards … Each student has a cultural goal that they themselves will have to research on their own. This is a self directed inquiry into certain aspects of their culture that they have chosen to study for the rest of term 1.

This study is student directed – here are some different ways your child can use this goal to generate meaningful homework that will contribute to them successfully learning about their own culture.

  1. Interviewing family members
  2. Reading and summarizing books about their own culture
  3. Internet research
  4. Watching language shows (Maori TV is great for learning how to speak te reo Maori)
  5. Listening to radio shows (Niu FM have some awesome language tips)
  6. Auckland libraries
  7. Family heritage books (If you have any at home)

Each student will present their findings at the end of the term and will teach the rest of us about what they have learnt! we are excited to start a new chapter in Te Pou Herenga waka and look forward to watching your child grow culturally!!